WoW Indeed: World of Warcraft Gift Possibilities

Talk about your Wow gift ideas! Why not get an inveterate online gamer a World of Warcraft gift?

If you’ve ever typed the word “wow” into an Internet search engine (and believe me, I’ve done it a lot!), then you’ve probably hit on a number of sites that sell every kind of World of Warcraft gift imaginable. WoW, of course, is the acronym for World of Warcraft, and most search engines aren’t case sensitive.

If you’ve never heard of World of Warcraft, then what cave have you been hiding in lately? The ads are all over the ‘Net, and it gets a lot of mention on the media.
For all you cave-dwelling hermits, WoW is a popular Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Paying Game (MMORPG), possibly the most popular in the world.

What’s All This Now?

WoW takes place in a fantasy world called Azeroth, where you can take on the role of a character of a particular class (fighter, magic user, etc.) and species (human, elf, dwarf, and more), then go on quests, kill monsters, and buy goodies using electronic gold that’s worth more than some real-world currencies.

Seriously. An economist once calculated that WoW’s economy, if it were real, would rank about the 27th largest in the world — better than Russia’s at the time. For a while, it was more profitable for people in some countries to play WoW and trade their online gold for real money than it was for them to get a regular job.

Fair warning: WoW frowns upon players purchasing gold from anyone but them, and often deletes the accounts of those they catch doing so.

About Those Gifts…

Some gamers spend thousands of hours a year playing WoW, pushing their characters up to high levels, and acquiring all kinds of items and gold. So what better gift than free game time from Blizzard Entertainment, which runs WoW? While it’s not terribly expensive, it saves them from paying for it themselves.

As of mid-2012, you can give someone 30 days of play for $15, 90 days for $42, and 180 days for $78. This is limited to play on North and Latin American servers, but otherwise, they just need to own an account for you to be able to give them some game time.

Other Options

Even if free time doesn’t appeal to your favorite gamer, you’re not left out in the cold when it comes to WoW gifts. Both Blizzard and other sellers provide WoW-themed books, apparel, collectibles, coffee mugs, and mouse pads… so you’ve got plenty of options. Believe it or not, you can even buy WoW baby clothes

Obviously, this is one gift idea you’ll never be at a loss to fulfill. Forget about embarking on a long, hard quest–you can find a great World of Warcraft gift with ease!