Why Gift Cards Make the Best Presents for Kids

All Kids Love Gift Cards

In all honesty, kids can be some of the hardest people to buy gifts for. That’s why gift cards are such a wonderful choice. Kids tend to want everything, except the one thing you pick out for them. We’ve gathered some feedback and we’ve uncovered one universal birthday gift item for children’s birthdays that works as equally well for both boys and girls — gift cards.

The Perfect Kids Gift

Gift cards are often the gift option that receives the most criticism. Etiquette experts criticize gifts cards as thoughtless, as though the person buying them didn’t take time to come up with something more personal. For kids, however, gift cards are perfect.

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Gift Cards

Most kids love some universal things — ice cream is one of them. What kid doesn’t love ice cream? A gift certificate to an ice cream store, either one of the national chains or a local store, is a great option. The child can enjoy whatever flavor of ice cream once a week for an entire month if you give at least a $10 gift card.

No Risk of Duplication

Gift cards are also a good idea for kids who have older siblings. If your child is invited to a friend’s birthday party and that friend has older siblings, chances are a lot of the possible gifts you’d consider buying are already located somewhere in that child’s house.

The more kids in the family, the greater the chances your gift might end up being a duplicate. By giving a gift card to an ice cream store, toy store or candy store, you’re eliminating this risk.

Shopping Spree Delight

Let’s face it, a kid’s dream is a shopping spree where they can buy what they want without having to ask mom or dad for money. Hey, that’s a dream for some adults too. Forget what the “etiquette experts” say. Gift cards are a great gift for kids of all ages.