Valentine’s Day Gifts That Are Anything But Boring

4 Great Valentine’s Gifts Everyone Will Love

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. If you haven’t started thinking about what to get that special someone, you don’t have much time left. And don’t you dare go with the boring flowers and candy routine. While flowers and candy are definitely acceptable, they don’t make great Valentine’s Day gifts unless paired with something more unique. Here are four great Valentine’s Day gift ideas to make sure your gift is anything but boring.

A GPS Unit

When you go out as a couple do you fight about directions (or stopping for them when you’re lost)? If so, a GPS unit can make a great Valentine’s Day gift. And the good news is they’re not as expensive as they used to be. GPS systems have gone down in price quite a bit, allowing you to get a decent unit for less than $150.

Couples Day at the Spa

Need some quality relaxation together? How about a couples day at the spa? Couples massages and other relaxation treatments can take the stress away, leaving you both feeling happy and refreshed. Needless to say, it’s a Valentine’s Day present any woman (or man) would love.

Get Away From the Cold

If you live in an area where winter hits hard, when February finally rolls around you’re probably all sick and tired of the weather. That’s why a weekend getaway to a warmer climate can make a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift.

Hop on a plane and go someone where the sun is shining. Tell someone in Chicago they can be swimming in warm weather in February or March and it’ll be a Valentine’s Day gift they’ll never forget.

The Little Blue Box

I don’t care how “practical” the woman in your life is, deep down inside she wants a little blue box. What’s a little blue box? It’s the gift box that Tiffany & Co. merchandise comes in. The problem is most people don’t shop there because they think everything is out of their price range. That’s not necessarily true.

There are some things you can buy from the company for less than $200. Yes, $100 on a small pair of silver earings may seem extravagent but it’s really every girl’s right to own at least one piece from the Tiffany collection.

Make this Valentine’s Day memorable by giving something out of the ordinary. These great Valentine’s Day will do just that.