Summer Counselor Gifts for All Occasions

Whether your own kids are counselors or you want to express your gratitude to someone else, these counselor gifts are fantastic choices.

If you have kids old enough to be camp counselors, you may want to mark the occasion with counselor gifts for the summer. And if you don’t — if your kids are still at the camper stage — you may want to consider how very hard camp counselors work, being on duty 24 hours a day, and how little they get paid. Counselors love their jobs, and a gift can really make them feel appreciated.

Here are some fantastic camp gifts to get you started!

1. Theme bandages

You’ll find bandages for any occasion here, from cool teen girl bandages to T-bone steak bandages. It’s amazing how quickly a novelty bandage can turn a kid from crying to enthralled, something a counselor often has to deal with.

2. Cake Roll Towel

If you want an inexpensive and practical counselor gift, these cute cake towel rolls take the… well, the cake. And since counselors almost always need more towels than they anticipate, you’ll probably meet with a very welcome reception.

3. Pocket Purifier

The best summer camp gifts are practical, and this purifier is a brilliant way to kill off germs safely. It uses light to destroy almost any germs on everything from toys to pillows.

4. Laundry soap sheets

Here’s another inexpensive and practical counselor gift: laundry soap sheets that take almost no space in a suitcase, but provide quick and effective washing machine duty. Laundry soap is a real pain to pack and carry, so these are welcome gifts.

5. Away from Home Gift Basket

If you want camp counselor gifts for your own kids, this basket is a perfect choice. It’s a bit pricier, but it contains everything they’ll need for a few weeks away from home, from hand sanitizer to Cracker Jacks.

Remember, going away from home for a long time can be frightening, even for your world weary teenager. And although they’re probably excited and happy, looking forward to the summer, there may be a tinge of nervousness lurking below. Don’t be afraid to try out these counselor gifts — they not only show your love, but provide a constant reminder of home.