Stuck for Gift Ideas? Try These Gifts for Grandma

Check out these creative gifts for grandma for any occasion

I used to hate buying gifts for Grandma. She always seemed to have everything she needed, and if you asked her what she wanted she’d say, ‘oh, don’t get me anything.’ What could be worse?

But now, buying a gift for Grandma is one of my favorite things to do. I just had to get a little creative and come up with some unique ideas to get around the traditional cheesy inspirational ornaments you find in gift stores. Interested? Here are some of my best!

1. Something Grandma taught you to make

Like many people, I learned to knit from my Grandmother. A few years ago I decided to knit her a sweater for Christmas. She absolutely loved it! Not only was it practical, but also I was showing her that I still used a skill she’d lovingly taught me so many years ago.

2. A dinner together

Some grandmas get out a lot; others are home bodies. Regardless, it’s awfully nice to have someone else do the cooking. Meals make great gifts for Grandmas since they’ve probably been cooking for everyone else their entire lives. Whether you order in pizza, go out to a nice restaurant, or whip up your own home cooked meal, it’ll be a huge success.

3. Gadgets

Yes, gadgets. You wouldn’t think of them right away when you’re consider gift ideas for Grandma, but to my amazement my Grandma loves the latest gizmo, whether it’s electronic thermometers to hang outside the window or TIVO. Just be prepared to spend a while explaining how to use it.

4. Companionship in its many forms

Take Grandma to the movies, ask her to teach you how to cook, or find something else you can do together, just the two of you. This is always a welcome gift.

Another gift that can be really amazing? A pet. This is one where you’ll want to check with Grandma first, though, and maybe even bring her to pick out her own. Depending on her personality, she may not want a huge German Shepherd — or it may be just the thing! Best not to surprise her with this one, though.

No matter the occasion, just remember how Grandma used to spoil you! Buying gifts for Grandma is your chance to return the favor.