Snap Circuits Onto Your Christmas Gift List

Snap Circuits make a perfect education gift this holiday season

Snap Circuits aren’t a new idea, but they’re still fun. For several years they’ve been a top Christmas gift, and with good reason. Many people forget that educational gifts still need to be fun: Snap Circuits Jr. never does. Kids around the world have come to love this exciting king of electronics kits.

What is it?

If you’re looking for electronic toys, you’ve probably already heard of Snap Circuits. If not, you’re in for a treat. Unlike adult electronics kits, which often require soldering or other dangerous activities, Snap Circuits Jr. provides hours of scientific fun and exploration for kids.

Snap Circuits are exactly like they sound: individual circuits snap together to form an electrical loop. This is a lot of fun for kids, even if making random electric circuits might not sound very entertaining to an adult: kids love science, they love electronics, and they love anything hands on.

But there’s more to electronics kits than just having fun exploring electricity. With Snap Circuits, kids actually get to make projects. Kids can build alarms, chimes, and many other fun projects that actually serve a use when they’re ready.

Why is it so great?

You don’t have to take our word for it: people all over have enjoyed creating their own snap circuit inventions. Snap Circuits has won awards and received a National Parenting Council seal of approval. It has thousands of positive reviews online, and very few complaints. This is quite simply a fantastic toy.

This isn’t a dangerous toy, it doesn’t look complicated, and it doesn’t have a ton of pieces to lose or damage. The electrical components hide inside a plastic shell, so kids don’t have to worry about wires or get confused by different connectors. There are many instructions for creating over 100 projects, and the lights, sounds, and activities hold even the most distracted child’s attention.

In fact, Snap Circuits is so popular it’s spawned its own internet rumors — don’t be afraid of anything you might hear about the toys containing lead or chemicals. Many have already proved the rumors untrue.

Going Shopping

You can find Snap Circuits Jr. in many toy stores or online, and it’s fairly reasonably priced — but being such a popular toy, it does tend to go quickly. You can find other electronic toys and electronics kits, but none of them quite match Snap Circuits.

If you want a fun, educational toy that makes a great Christmas gift for just about any child, you’ve found it. Hurry to your local shop and pick up a few Snap Circuits today!