Personalized Jigsaw Puzzles for Your Family and Friends

Know someone who loves jigsaw puzzles? They’ll love them even more when they’re personalized!

If you’ve got someone on your gift list who loves jigsaw puzzles, have I got an awesome gift idea for you: a personalized jigsaw puzzle, made from a favorite photograph. It can be any photo, whether of their dream Lamborghini, their pet Labradork, that prize marlin from last summer’s fishing trip, or their toddlers.

Imagine the kick they’ll get from piecing together something like that!

Puzzling Benefits

Jigsaw puzzles are well known for their ability to help little kids learn about topography and shapes. It’s a form of play that’s educational and fun, while also being rather relaxing.

But did you know that there’s intriguing evidence that puzzles also help people stay sharp at the other end of the age scale? While the jury’s still out on whether deliberate efforts to exercise the brain can trump biological factors when it comes to dementias like Alzheimer’s, it does seem to help.

And it can’t hurt. The effort to match pieces and patterns can certainly keep the brain engaged, and having to pick up those little pieces may help hand and finger joints stay a bit more flexible. And, of course, it’s cheap and challenging entertainment.

A Gift from the Heart, for the Heart

Which brings us around to personalized puzzles. Whether your giftee is a neophyte who limits their efforts to hundred-piece jigsaws or an expert who prefers a true challenge, you can tailor your puzzle precisely to their needs and desires.

It’s not even all that difficult; your toughest task will probably be acquiring the photograph you plan to use for the puzzle. That won’t be a problem if you already have the snap you want to use, or plan to gift them with a picture of yourself (you egotistical thing, you). Otherwise, you may need a helper on the inside.

How You Do It

There are a couple of ways to acquire these unique photo puzzles. The easiest way is to find a website that specializes in such puzzles; they’re easy to Google. Even better, they’ll give you plenty of ideas to work from. Then you just scan and upload your photo and go from there.

Don’t expect it to be cheap! Prices can vary from about $30-120, based on the size and number of pieces involved.

The DIY Option

Alternately, some sites offer kits that let you make your own puzzles. You just print the puzzle picture with a laser or inkjet printer onto a special transfer page, use a heat press or iron to transfer the picture to a blank puzzle kit, and then carefully snap the puzzle pieces apart after it cools.

Either way you do it, these personalized jigsaw puzzles make great gifts!