The Option of Automotive Gifts

As long as your giftee drives, it’s hard to go wrong with automotive gifts.

People often overlook the category of “automotive gifts” in the scramble to find great presents. Now, this is understandable if the giftee’s a kid; not too many tots have driver’s licenses. But most adults do, so why not give the option some thought?

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Give Someone Their Very Own Personalized Song

How many people can brag that they have a personalized song, written especially for them? They make great gifts!

When you think about it, many of the tunes we hear on the radio are personalized songs… at least in a sense. Who hasn’t heard The Police wail “Roxanne,” or grooved to “My Sharona” or “Bobby McGee”? You can probably come up with a few examples that are a bit more recent.

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The Best Gift Idea Ever: The Gift of Time

If you can’t decide on a Wow Gift Idea for someone you care about, then how about giving them the most valuable gift of all — the gift of time?

If you simply can’t figure out what you’re going to give someone for their birthday, Christmas, or whatever holiday is appropriate, has it occurred to you that they might appreciate the gift of time?

Now, we’re not talking about a Rolex or Bulova here. We mean genuine, quality time, a piece of your life devoted to helping them out and making them happy.

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Ballpark Pens

Sports fans will love these unique ballpark pens!

If you’d like to give someone a piece of genuine sports history, it’s hard to beat a ballpark pen. These are clever pieces of sports memorabilia literally carved from the wooden seats salvaged from sports stadiums during remodeling or demolition.

Each pen is one of a kind, measuring 5.5 inches long by a half-inch in diameter, and comes in a cool presentation case with a certificate of authenticity. The makers have engraved the origin info right in the wood.

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Why Not Give Someone a Safari Trip?

If you’ve got the bucks, you can give someone a one-of-a-kind safari trip.

Do you know someone who dreams of donning a pith helmet and khaki shorts, and heading out on safari? Well, if you’ve got enough cash in your pocket, you might just be able to fulfill that dream. Any other vacation will pale by comparison, even that memorable quilting bee excursion with Aunt Bertha.

Now, we realize that you’re unlikely to get a true safari on the cheap; but after all, we do call this site “Wow Gift Ideas.” And it’s hard to out-wow a safari trip!

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The Gift of Personalized Art

Looking for an interesting and unique gift that your recipient probably hasn’t received before? Consider personalized art

At first glance, the concept of personalized art seems rather unusual. First off, what does it mean? How can art be personalized? Simple enough: it can be of things that appeal specifically to the person who receives it: in this case, your gift recipient.

Many might consider this to be art of a narcissistic nature, expressing images of the gift recipient him- or herself. And indeed, personalized art can take this form, though it doesn’t have to. It can be art depicting their children, their family, their pets, or places they love… and the variety of formats available can be surprising.

Let’s take a look at a few.

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Making an Easy Homemade Christmas Present

How to have a homemade Christmas present extravaganza

My kids aren’t thrilled when they hear the phrase homemade Christmas present. Or at least, they weren’t the first time. Every year they hope we’ll cave and act like a ‘normal’ family, buying them video games and a ton of other junk they won’t use.

But my family is all about the homemade Christmas present, and secretly, I think the kids enjoy it as much as we do. If you’ve ever considered going the homemade route, here are some tips to guide your path.

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An Ocean Cruise Makes a Great Gift!

Contrary to popular belief, an ocean cruise doesn’t have to cost the Earth. Many cost less than a stay at a good land-bound hotel!

Many of us think of ocean cruise vacations as the height of luxury, and you know, they certainly can be. Even on a no-frills cruise, you eat delicious meals and people wait on you hand and foot–and you get to rest and relax to your heart’s content. For those of us used to doing everything ourselves, this is luxury indeed.

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A Drinkable Gift: the World’s Most Expensive Tea

Really want to impress a tea lover? Buy them an ounce of the world’s most expensive tea

It’s amazing how much some people will pay for a good drink, and that goes double when it comes to the world’s most expensive teas. Now, the world’s most expensive coffee is bad enough: Indonesian Kopi Luwak runs a good $600 a pound, 8-10 times more than its closest competitor.

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Bridesmaid Gifts That Express Your Gratitude

Let us help you find the perfect bridesmaid gifts

Finding perfect bridesmaid gifts can be one of the hardest parts of the wedding. You want something that will express your gratitude and appreciation for all their hard work and friendship, and you want to avoid cheesy or boring presents.

Let’s be honest: who’s ever going to use a tote bag that proudly cries BRIDESMAID ever again? The best bridesmaid gift ideas are useful, if not practical, pretty, and suited to your bridesmaids’ personalities.

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