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Get the Party Started with these Funny Christmas Gifts

Be the life of the party with these funny Christmas gifts

Need to liven up a party or give a friend a good laugh? Try one of these funny Christmas gift ideas this holiday season.

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Giggly Gag Gifts for All Occasions

Find fun and inoffensive gag gifts for all your gift giving needs

When they’re done right, gag gifts are a lot of fun – but when they’re done wrong, they can be annoying at best and offensive at worst. The trick is to find a gag gift that matches the recipient’s sense of humor rather than your own. Fortunately, there are so many great gag gift ideas online, you won’t have any problems finding the perfect gag gift.

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Does the Perfect Divorce Gift Exist?

If you have a friend going through a break up, a divorce gift could be just the thing to cheer her up.

A surprising number of people look for a divorce gift when people they know go through a break up. It might not be an immediate instinct — you’re getting divorced! Here’s a present! — but actually, divorce gifts can help take people’s minds off this difficult time in life. Here are a few ideas to get you started, whether it’s a divorce or just a messy break up.

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Giant Microbes: Talk About Your Infectious Gifts!

If you’re into stuffed giant microbes, these guys have it all—from the human ovum to the rabies virus and yogurt yeast.

Got a doctor or med student in your life? Giant microbes make a great gag gift.

At first glance, giant microbes don’t exactly seem like a good thing. But what if they’re fuzzy-wuzzy stuffed giant microbes, hmmm? What about then? Now, lest you think this is just a silly flight of fancy on our part, take a look for yourself:

Okay, we admit that these microbes, which have been enlarged about a million times (literally) in this format, are a little outré…but they’re also kinda cool. After all, stuffed kitties and bears and even unicorns aren’t exactly unique. But aha! How many people do you know who have a huggable Swine Flu virus?

Or how about a catchy little common cold bug, a wicked bad breath germ (yep, it’s caused by germs), or even a Staph bacterium? Microorganisms have never seemed so cute! You don’t even have to be a doctor or nurse to get the joke and enjoy these little sweeties.

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Buy Your Buddy a Life-Sized Standup!

What do you get someone who has everything? Well, how about one of these life-sized standup thingies?

If you know someone who’d love to share their home with a celebrity or superhero, get ’em a life-sized standup–and watch ’em grin.

We’ve all seen those life-sized standups at video stores and movie theatres. You know what I’m talking about: the big cardboard cutouts representing celebrities, and movie characters, and such that stand up by themselves and look real from a distance. Some folks call them standees.

Whatever you call them, they’re pretty cool, though they can be slightly unnerving when you catch a glimpse of one in a dark room. Trust me and my dry cleaner on this one, okay?

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Ever Hear of Paris Hilton Visitor Cakes?

Paris Hilton Visitor Cakes Are a Hit

Okay, whether you agree with it or not, the fact of the matter is that Paris Hilton is doing time and it’s definitely drawing quite a bit of media attention. Of course, when something big happens, everyone wants their part of it, which is why Paris Hilton “visitor cakes” are becoming such a popular gift. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Read on!

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