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Give Your Favorite Environmentalist a Solar Cooker

Who needs charcoal when you’ve got sunlight?

When it comes to environmental goodness, it’s hard to go wrong with a solar cooker. Now, I love my barbecue as much as anyone, but we all know that, while grill cooking is less polluting than oven cooking, it still puts a good bit of smoke into the air we’ve all got to breathe.

It’s mouthwatering smoke, to be sure, but it’s still smoke–and believe it or not, in some places it’s against the law to barbecue because of the smoke. The horror!

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Sensational Summer Yard Gifts

Find perfect yard gifts for housewarmings — or even just because!

When summer hits, a lot of people start looking for yard gifts. Sometime it’s for a housewarming present, sometimes it’s because a friend’s taken up gardening, and often it’s because someone has re-landscaped their yard — or wants to. Regardless, shopping for outdoor gifts is a lot of fun, and giving them is even better.

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