Helpful Organizing Tips for Christmas Shopping Receipts

Christmas Shopping and Receipts

Do you dread Christmas shopping because of all the paper clutter that is created? You’re not alone. I used to be stressed out considerably from the mountain of paperwork that resulted from Christmas shopping. Now, I don’t even blink an eye — and I’d love to share my helpful hints with you.

A Mountain of Paperwork

Unless you buy all your Christmas presents at one store, you will usually end up with dozens of receipts. And you just can’t throw out those receipts right away. Below you’ll learn some great ways to manage all those receipts you accumulate when Christmas shopping.

A Gift without a Gift Receipt?

It’s best to get a gift receipt whenever possible. When you get home from shopping, slip the gift receipt into the box and wrap the present right away. Then take your own receipts and store them until the holidays are over.

Organizing 101

I have two good suggestions for storing receipts. You can create a file folder in your filing cabinet and keep all your receipts there until the end of the year. Go ahead and store all those clippings of Christmas present ideas you collect from magazines in a separate folder. If you use a tickler file with a separate folder for each month of the year, store your receipts in the December folder for easy retrieval.

Franklin Covey

If you use Franklin Covey or a binder personal planning and calendar system, purchase the separate holiday inserts that Franklin Covey sells for the holidays. I’ve been using these for two years and the receipt envelope fits right into my binder. I’ve never had a problem finding the receipts I need after Christmas shopping.

Get Ready, Get Set, Shop

Before you head out to the mall or hop online, pull out your file folder that includes your magazine clippings. I start a file folder in December for the following season of Christmas shopping. Throughout the year, I add any interesting Christmas gift ideas I find. This makes Christmas shopping easier and the holidays become a no-hassle shopping experience.