Great Ideas for Graduation Gifts

Stuck for graduation gifts? Get creative!

Whether you know someone leaving high school or completing their doctorate, graduation gifts can be tricky things. Depending on the person and their tastes, age, and occupation, a great graduation gift could be anything from a supermarket gift certificate to a new car.

Never fear, though — here are great gifts for graduation at any age or income.

For the high school grad taking time off: If your high school grad is taking some time off school, or just entering the work force, they won’t want gifts aimed at kids heading off to college. That said, here are some great gift ideas they’re sure to appreciate:

-a holiday or travel tour, or a gift certificate from a travel agent
-a package from a resume writing service
-money (always welcomed at any age!)
-a good watch
-gift cards from a local store
-gift credit cards

For the high school grad off to college: Students headed for college or university will appreciate different graduation gifts than those planning to enter the workforce — although some universal gifts, like money, always find an appreciative recipient! Great graduation gift ideas for the college-bound include:

-gift credit cards (even more than store gift cards, since they can spend them on whatever they need)
-laptop computer
-toaster oven (a surprisingly useful appliance, especially in dorms that don’t allow microwaves)
-set of good quality sheets

For the college or university grad: When someone graduates from college or university, they’re often swimming in debt and worried about their future. However, they’re usually very excited about their accomplishments, too! With that in mind, it’s not terribly difficult to find the perfect graduation gift. Some ideas may include:

-something related to their new occupation. For example, a lawyer may appreciate a new briefcase, while a teacher may prefer a generic set of classroom posters.
-As always: money and gift credit cards, especially if they need some cash to see them through while they search for employment
-Travel or a tour
-Furnishings or other specific needs if they’re moving into their own home
-Mementos of their college years: college sweatshirts, photo albums, and the like

Whatever you decide, as with all gifts, it’s the thought that counts. Make sure that you avoid burdening them down with large, bulky, and unnecessary items, though. After all, how many stuffed bears wearing graduation caps does a girl really need? The best graduation gifts are helpful, practical, and most of all, fun.