Great Ideas for Fair Trade Gifts

Looking for fair trade gifts? Shop ethically and give a great gift at the same time

Shopping for fair trade gifts is a win-win-win situation. Three people benefit when gifts trade fair: you, for finding a fantastic gift and making a purchase you can feel good about; the recipient, who gets an amazing present; and the producers — people and artisans deserving a fair wage for their work and efforts.

Fair trade shopping has become more and more popular over the last decade as people realize some of the startling facts — such as that the poorest women in the world make the most expensive clothing in the world. If you’re concerned about social responsibility, check out these great places to shop for fair trade gifts online.

1. Ten Thousand Villages

Ten Thousand Villages has long been an authority in the world of fair trade purchasing. If you don’t feel like shopping online, chances are there’s a Ten Thousand Villages store somewhere near you. Feel confident about everything you buy there, although the prices do tend to be a little bit higher than you might find elsewhere.

2. Global Exchange

Global Exchange is a fantastic place to shop for fair trade gifts online, whether you’re interested in fair trade coffee or exotic jewelry handmade in faraway lands. Some of the best gift items include gorgeous silk scarves, fun baby bibs, and wallets made from recycled inner tubes — environmentally friendly and ethically responsible at the same time!

3. Higher Grounds

Although Higher Grounds carries some products like international music and crafts, it is THE place to go for fair trade coffee online. If you know a coffee fanatic who’s sick and tired of buying their coffee from companies using slave labor, Higher Grounds creates amazing gift baskets and carries lots of fun products for you to choose from.

4. Global Stewards

Global Stewards does a great job of bringing together fair trade gift ideas from around the web. Whether you’re searching for Christmas decorations, flowers, or new shoes, you’ll find something to help you out with your quest. That makes this an excellent place to start your search for fair trade gifts: it’s a shopping mall of fair trade merchandise.

Next time you go to buy a present, consider giving a gift of social responsibility and environmental sustainability. Do all that and more with fair trade gifts!