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Introducing the Asus Eee Pad

You knew it wasn’t going to be long before someone cloned Apple’s iPad, right? Here it is: the Eee Pad, from Asus.

At first glance the Eee Pad, the tablet computer unveiled at the Computex trade show in Taiwan by Asustek Computer, Inc. (Asus) in late May 2010, is the spitting image of the Apple iPad. Heck, even the name is eerily similar; but to be fair, it’s derived from the Eee line of products Asus has been making for years.

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Great Ideas for Graduation Gifts

Stuck for graduation gifts? Get creative!

Whether you know someone leaving high school or completing their doctorate, graduation gifts can be tricky things. Depending on the person and their tastes, age, and occupation, a great graduation gift could be anything from a supermarket gift certificate to a new car.

Never fear, though — here are great gifts for graduation at any age or income.

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An iPad for a Gift

What’s an iPad, and who would want one?

If you know someone who loves technology, they’ve probably heard of the iPad. Maybe you’ve heard of it too — either because you eagerly anticipated its arrival or just to wonder what is that thing and what’s all the fuss? Whichever camp you fall into, here’s what you should know about the iPad if you’re considering giving it as a gift.

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Christmas Comes Early for Nintendo DSi Fans

This will be a much-appreciated upgrade for users of the original DS and a great gift for DS newcomers.

It’s not even close to Christmastime, but Nintendo has just released the latest version of its hugely popular Nintendo DS handheld gaming device, the DSi. It’s a great gift for original DS fans, as well as newcomers to the DS.

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Great Gifts for The College Bound

Any College-Bound High School Grad Would Love These 3 Great Gifts!

Know a college bound high school grad? Then I know some great gifts he or she just can’t live without. It’s just weeks away before your new college student will be on his or her way to the dorm. Changes are, they don’t have everything they need (and they might not even know what they need to begin with). These three gifts can help.

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3 Great Graduation Gifts for Teens

These Graduation Gifts for Teens Are Sure to Be a Hit

Shopping for graduation gifts for teens isn’t exactly a walk in the park – especially if you haven’t been a teenager in over a decade. Times change, and what’s hot (and what’s not) changes too. If you want to get a gift that really rocks, you can’t go wrong with these three…

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4 Great Graduation Gifts for 2008

These 4 Graduation Gifts Aim to Please

Graduation gifts have always been some of the hardest gifts to buy. It’s not like grads go and register at the local department store. I’d rather buy a gift for a wedding than a graduation any day of the week. If you’re faced with the challenge of finding great graduation gifts, these four are the answer to your gift-giving prayers.

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The Hottest Graduation Gifts of 2008

The Graduation Gifts The Kids Really Want This Year

Summer is right around the corner – do you have graduation gifts for your soon-to-be grads lined up yet? If not, I know what this year’s students are wishing for. Wanna be the one to give the best gift of the bunch? Keep these great graduation gifts in mind…

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Need Help Coming up with a College Graduation Gift This Year?

College Graduation Gift Ideas

Now that warm weather is upon us, it is a good time to start thinking about college graduation gifts. If you’ve been putting off getting gifts for the grads on your list, you don’t have much time left. Here are some tips to help get you started.

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Need a Great Graduation Gift Idea?

What About a Graduation Gift Getaway?

If you have a young adult who is a college senior or your niece or nephew will be graduating college this year, then you’re probably already wondering what to get for a graduation gift. This year I’m going to ask you to think beyond the traditional gifts. Below you’ll find a great graduation gift that will eliminate any worries you have about your gift being duplicated.

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