Gifts for Pets and the People who Love Them

Great Gifts For Pets

If you have a dog, cat, or other non-human family member, you may find that the number of gifts for pets currently on the market is astounding. The booming pet industry in the United States has prompted the creation of stores and websites dedicated to pampering pooches (and other furry, feathered or scaled companions) that offer an array of potential gifts that might seem to rival a child’s toy store!

The Gift Your Pet Is SURE To Love: Food!

The most common pet gift is generally something edible. While dogs, in particular, tend to appreciate foodstuffs and treats under the wrapping paper, other species may also enjoy delectable foods that they might not otherwise be fed as part of their regular diets.

The old adage is true – the quickest way to a dog’s (or other animal’s) heart is through its stomach, and you are sure to make your pet feel loved by adding something tasty to its diet on special occasions.

Give The Gift Of Playtime

Many pets will also appreciate new and exciting toys (there are toys at your local pet store for just about any type of pet) – just as human children can become bored with old toys, even pets will get bored with worn out toys.

Dogs, in particular, tend to be harder on toys, so look for durable options that will last longer (and leave fewer pieces strewn across your yard). Heavy-duty rope bones are great for games of tug-of-war, and lacrosse balls, while not sold at the pet store, are very durable and long-lived for dogs that like to play fetch and then gnaw on their prize.

Think Comfy-Cozy Creature Comforts

If you’re more likely to choose a practical gift for your pet, consider its living situation. Does your pet have its own bed?Maybe it would like a new, cushier bed. Is it an older pet that has difficulty getting around?Maybe a portable set of pet-sized stairs would help it get onto the couch or into bed with you. Or if you have a short-haired dog that shivers on walks during the fall and winter, perhaps it would appreciate a sweater or sweatshirt to keep it warmer.

Nothing says you love your pet more than giving it human creature comforts for gifts!