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Give the Gift of Amazon Prime

If you know someone who loves to buy books or streaming video online, here’s a great gift: Amazon Prime

Recently, introduced a new service called Amazon Prime — and though it can be difficult to give for technical reasons, it still makes a great present for someone fond of online purchases!

The deal’s simple: pay Amazon $79 a year, and your giftee gets access to a huge number of free services, from ebooks to video to free shipping. Intrigued? Let’s take a closer look.

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Autographs Make Great Gifts

Do you know someone who’s gaga over a particular celebrity? Wouldn’t they enjoy one of that person’s autographs?

Have you ever considered giving people autographs as gifts? Not your own autograph, of course — unless you’re a hotshot celebrity, or it’s on a check (or both). Nope, here’s what I mean…

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WoW Indeed: World of Warcraft Gift Possibilities

Talk about your Wow gift ideas! Why not get an inveterate online gamer a World of Warcraft gift?

If you’ve ever typed the word “wow” into an Internet search engine (and believe me, I’ve done it a lot!), then you’ve probably hit on a number of sites that sell every kind of World of Warcraft gift imaginable. WoW, of course, is the acronym for World of Warcraft, and most search engines aren’t case sensitive.

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The Gift of Cookies: How Sweet It Is

If you’re culinarily gifted, here’s an idea: start your own little cookie of the month club for your friends and family.

If you’re looking for a gift that won’t break the bank but that you can be sure the recipient will appreciate, I’ve got one word for you: cookies. In our overcomplicated world, there’s just something homey and comforting about a simple cookie — all the more so when it’s homemade.

All it takes to make someone smile are moderate skills in the kitchen and a few simple ingredients, including the best two of all: your time, and your love.

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Dedicate a Tree to Someone Today

Rather than give Aunt Edna yet another bottle of perfume, why not dedicate a tree in her name?

If you’ve ever had the urge to give someone a plant, why not take that idea a bit farther and dedicate a tree to them?

It’s not all that unusual an idea, really: you see dedicated trees in parks, zoos, and on university campuses. But even so, it’s not something most people have experienced personally. Well, it’s easy to rectify that.

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DNA Art: A Truly Unique Gift

What do you give to someone who has everything? How about DNA art?

When it comes to giving someone a completely unique gift, it’s hard to do better than personalized DNA art. That’s because, in a very real sense, you’re giving them a piece of, well… them. We’ve discussed personalized art in the past, but nothing gets more personalized than DNA artwork.

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Personalized Jigsaw Puzzles for Your Family and Friends

Know someone who loves jigsaw puzzles? They’ll love them even more when they’re personalized!

If you’ve got someone on your gift list who loves jigsaw puzzles, have I got an awesome gift idea for you: a personalized jigsaw puzzle, made from a favorite photograph. It can be any photo, whether of their dream Lamborghini, their pet Labradork, that prize marlin from last summer’s fishing trip, or their toddlers.

Imagine the kick they’ll get from piecing together something like that!

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The Five Senses Gift Concept

At a loss for a unique gift item? Free your imagination, and invent something that plays on all five senses

Many moons ago, a schoolteacher had my classmates and me put together an interesting monstrosity we called Mr. Five Senses. This Picasso-esque fellow was made of construction paper and had a blocky head, a huge flapping tongue, protruding ears, big eyes, a bulging nose and big, mitten-like hands.

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Give Someone Their Very Own Personalized Song

How many people can brag that they have a personalized song, written especially for them? They make great gifts!

When you think about it, many of the tunes we hear on the radio are personalized songs… at least in a sense. Who hasn’t heard The Police wail “Roxanne,” or grooved to “My Sharona” or “Bobby McGee”? You can probably come up with a few examples that are a bit more recent.

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The Best Gift Idea Ever: The Gift of Time

If you can’t decide on a Wow Gift Idea for someone you care about, then how about giving them the most valuable gift of all — the gift of time?

If you simply can’t figure out what you’re going to give someone for their birthday, Christmas, or whatever holiday is appropriate, has it occurred to you that they might appreciate the gift of time?

Now, we’re not talking about a Rolex or Bulova here. We mean genuine, quality time, a piece of your life devoted to helping them out and making them happy.

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