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Snap Circuits Onto Your Christmas Gift List

Snap Circuits make a perfect education gift this holiday season

Snap Circuits aren’t a new idea, but they’re still fun. For several years they’ve been a top Christmas gift, and with good reason. Many people forget that educational gifts still need to be fun: Snap Circuits Jr. never does. Kids around the world have come to love this exciting king of electronics kits.

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Buying Autism Gifts Made Simple

Your guide to buying autism gifts for any age

Every year I cringe when it’s time to buy autism gifts because, as autistic people get older, it gets harder and harder to find something they’re going to enjoy. If you’ve bought autistic gifts before, you probably know how frustrating it can be. Thank heavens for the internet! With online help, it’s not hard at all to buy gifts for autistic children and adults that they’ll actually enjoy.

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Great Ideas for the Perfect Spring Gift

No matter the occasion, a spring gift is nothing to sneeze at!

There are plenty of occasions to buy a spring gift. It could be a birthday, the end of school, or an anniversary — whatever the reason, spring gifts are abundant, beautiful, and welcome in any situation. Even if you just want to give a gift to say I’m thinking of you, a spring gift will do the trick nicely.

And don’t ever think there aren’t a lot of spring gift ideas around — this list ought to change your mind in a hurry!

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Mother’s Day Gifts to Make the Day Special

Check out these ideas for unique and interesting Mother’s Day gifts.

Every year I search for Mother’s Day gifts, and every year my mom is thrilled with what I get her. It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s an oven mitt or a day at the spa. Still, Mom’s done so much for me that I really like to try to make her Mother’s Day gift something special. I’m sure most of you feel the same. That’s why I’ve come up with these unique and clever mother’s day gift ideas!

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Choosing a Hospital Gift

When someone’s sick, a hospital gift can make all the difference in the world!

When you’re sick, trust me: there’s nothing like a hospital gift to cheer you up. In spite of doctors and nurses’ best efforts, hospitals are dull, dreary places that seem to drive home the fact that you’re sick. A simple gift transforms an impersonal sick room into someplace you can recover in peace, surrounded by the knowledge that you’re loved.

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Great Ideas for Fair Trade Gifts

Looking for fair trade gifts? Shop ethically and give a great gift at the same time

Shopping for fair trade gifts is a win-win-win situation. Three people benefit when gifts trade fair: you, for finding a fantastic gift and making a purchase you can feel good about; the recipient, who gets an amazing present; and the producers — people and artisans deserving a fair wage for their work and efforts.

Fair trade shopping has become more and more popular over the last decade as people realize some of the startling facts — such as that the poorest women in the world make the most expensive clothing in the world. If you’re concerned about social responsibility, check out these great places to shop for fair trade gifts online.

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Stuck for Gift Ideas? Try These Gifts for Grandma

Check out these creative gifts for grandma for any occasion

I used to hate buying gifts for Grandma. She always seemed to have everything she needed, and if you asked her what she wanted she’d say, ‘oh, don’t get me anything.’ What could be worse?

But now, buying a gift for Grandma is one of my favorite things to do. I just had to get a little creative and come up with some unique ideas to get around the traditional cheesy inspirational ornaments you find in gift stores. Interested? Here are some of my best!

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Clothing Gifts for Impossible People

Perfect clothing gifts for even the pickiest clothes horse

I used to hate getting clothing gifts from my mother-in-law. They were always hideous monstrosities, and I was too polite to ask for the receipt, so they wound up in the back of my closet — unless she came to visit, in which case I frantically dug them out again.

My mother-in-law’s gift giving skills have improved, but from here, I learned some very important things about giving clothes gifts.

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It’s Natural: Perfect Health Gifts

Looking for health gifts? Try these all-natural products

Once upon a time, health gifts were not exactly high on anyone’s wish list. After all, who wants to open a box of medicine? But these days, with so many chemicals and drugs kicking around, homeopathic healing gifts reign supreme! The nice thing is that this sort of gift tends to find an appreciative recipient anywhere.

So whether you have a friend suffering from constant stress and migraines or you just want to check out some unique healing gifts, try these fun ideas.

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The Low Down on Cell Phones

What you need to know about cell phones as gifts

Here’s the thing about cell phones. If you give one as a gift, it’s either going to make a fantastic present — or a terrible one. It all comes down to whom you’re buying for and what kind of person they are. Remember, mobile phones are very personal items, so make sure you know what you’re doing before you start purchasing.

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