Father’s Day Gifts Articles

The Option of Automotive Gifts

As long as your giftee drives, it’s hard to go wrong with automotive gifts.

People often overlook the category of “automotive gifts” in the scramble to find great presents. Now, this is understandable if the giftee’s a kid; not too many tots have driver’s licenses. But most adults do, so why not give the option some thought?

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Ballpark Pens

Sports fans will love these unique ballpark pens!

If you’d like to give someone a piece of genuine sports history, it’s hard to beat a ballpark pen. These are clever pieces of sports memorabilia literally carved from the wooden seats salvaged from sports stadiums during remodeling or demolition.

Each pen is one of a kind, measuring 5.5 inches long by a half-inch in diameter, and comes in a cool presentation case with a certificate of authenticity. The makers have engraved the origin info right in the wood.

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Great Ideas for a Homemade Father’s Day Gift

Looking for a Father’s Day gift? Why not try checking out the craft cupboard!

Let’s face it: the perfect father’s day gift just doesn’t exist in stores. This is especially true with young children. Dad really doesn’t need another tie, golf ball, or plaque. He needs a reminder that he has kids who love him and appreciate him – and that’s where homemade father’s day craft ideas come in.

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Great Christmas Gifts for Grandpa

Brighten Grandpa’s Christmas with these Christmas gifts

Grandpa deserves some great Christmas gifts. So why not give him something he’ll really love? Choose from these great Christmas gift ideas to give him yourself, or get all the grandkids to go in together, splurge, and really knock his socks off!

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Four Fun Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

These Father’s Day suggestions are reasonably priced, and totally fun

Is it me, or are Father’s Day gifts just inherently hard to buy? Sure, you can play it safe and buy your father the same cologne he wears year after year, or your husband another new razor, but that’s just boring. You might as well be giving underwear for all the excitement that’s sure to generate.

I really put my thinking cap on this year (and also had some friends ask their husbands what was on their gift lists), and came up with a few cool, new gift ideas for dads that they’re sure to enjoy. Obviously, you know your dad or husband better than I do, so pick a gift that’s sure to please them. I don’t mind if you tell them the idea was all yours!

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Get These Four Must-Have Grill Accessories

These grill accessories make grilling even easier

May is a perfect time to start looking for new grill accessories, with Memorial Day weekend ushering in the start of summer BBQ parties and get-togethers. If you live in year-round warm climate, your grill is probably primed and ready to go. If your environment is more seasonal, now’s the time to put away the grill cover, clean off the racks, and marinate the meat. Now’s also the time to buy one or more of these great grill accessories.

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Father’s Day Is Tomorrow: Do You Have Your Father’s Day Gift Picked Out?

A Few More Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Okay, I’ve been warning you for weeks that Father’s Day is on the way and tomorrow it will be here. Do you have your Father’s Day gift picked out yet? If you don’t, you really don’t have much time. Fortunately, I can help. Here are a few that are really REALLY last minute, but will still make a great impression.

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Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts That Show You Really Care

These Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts Don’t Look Last-Minute Rushed

Sometimes life gets the better of us and our schedules get out of control – usually when we least want them to. If that happened to you this year and you still haven’t picked up dad’s Father’s Day gift, I’ve got some good news. There’s still time. These last-minute Father’s Day gift ideas will show dad you really care, and they don’t look last-minute rushed.

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Favorite Father’s Day Gifts Throughout History

When All Else Fails You Can’t Go Wrong with These Favorite Father’s Day Gifts

Sometimes the best Father’s Day gifts are the same father’s day gifts your father gave his father, who gave his father, and so on. There’s something to be said about tradition. With that in mind, you might want to consider these favorite Father’s Day gifts that have been proven through history.

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3 Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Dad’s Who Are Tech Geeks

What Tech Geek Dads Want For This Year’s Father’s Day Gift

Father’s day is right around the corner and dads are starting to think about what Father’s Day gifts they want this year. Tech geek dads are no different. If your dad knows why Mac is better than PC or how many pocket protector makers were put out of business by the PDA, we’ve got a Father’s Day gift list he’d drool over.

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