Don’t Be Caught Without 4th of July Gifts!

Great 4th of July Gift Ideas

If you think the 4th of July is not a gift-giving occasion, you might want to think twice.
The 4th of July is definitely a good time to give gifts (especially to the younger kids). If you don’t know what makes a great 4th of July present, we have some great ideas for you.

A Fireworks Basket

Who doesn’t love fireworks? A gift basket filled with fireworks (legal fireworks, of course) makes a great 4th of July gift. Each year we give the younger members of our family a little gift basket filled with snap caps, sparklers and glow sticks. The kids bring the basket to the fireworks and it gives them something to do while we wait for the show to get started.

Know a Sensitive Someone?

If you know someone who is sensitive to the noise the 4th of July fireworks make, why not wrap up some ear plugs in a nifty little gift box?

My youngest son always hated the 4th of July. He’d be excited about seeing the fireworks, but the noise would scare him. One year we decided to buy him some ear plugs and make a big deal out of how cool they were. The noise, while not ideal, become tolerable for him and he never fretted about seeing fireworks again.

A Picnic Basket

Sometimes the 4th of July fireworks start a lot later than you think they’re going to and the wait can seem even longer if you have to get there early to ensure a good viewing spot. Why not offer the gift of snacks and beverages?

When you and your friends or family go to see fireworks this year, present them with a picnic basket filled with goodies. Not only will they enjoy it, but you can benefit from the gift too!