Creating a Meaningful Free Christmas Present

When you’re short on cash, a free Christmas present can still make the holidays special!

When you give a free Christmas present, it doesn’t mean you don’t care enough to spend — regardless of what commercials might tell you. On the contrary, it means you care enough to give a gift with meaning. Expensive Christmas gifts are impersonal; when you give a free Christmas present, it usually comes with a lot more thought and meaning than department store counterparts.

Of course, when you’re looking for free gifts, it’s often a combination of wanting to give something with meaning and being in a tough financial situation. That’s all fine, too: you can still give very special gifts without spending a lot of money.

Finding and giving a free Christmas present

Here are some great free ideas for the holidays.

1. The classic coupon book

The coupon book is a familiar holiday freebie, but you can make it even more special by really thinking through what you’re doing. Don’t just type up a few coupons and throw them in an envelope. Spend time using clipart, or your own artwork, to print up really attractive and professional looking coupons.

Also tailor your coupons to the audience. For example, kids will enjoy coupons for things like staying up an hour past bedtime, a one-on-one movie night with a parent, getting out of chores, choosing dinner, and the like. Parents enjoy coupons FOR chores, especially things like dishes, vacuuming, or walking the dog.

For spouses and partners, try coupons for breakfast in bed, a romantic night out, a candlelit dinner, and the like.

If you don’t have a computer, you can still make great coupons with paper or index cards and stamps and stickers!

2. Earn freebies online

There are a number of websites that allow you to earn free points and items. One of the most famous is Swagbucks, where your searches and online ‘tasks’ can earn you things like Amazon gift cards. For a bit of your time, you can earn small gift cards to buy a free Christmas present.

3. Go homemade!

Crafts, homebaking, knitting, sewing — there are hundreds of inexpensive, practical, and beautiful Christmas crafts you can make, regardless of skill. For starters, check out this site for some great ideas. The most meaningful free Christmas present is the one you make yourself. Kids, parents, the elderly: it doesn’t matter who you are, you have the ability to make an awesome gift for somebody else.

These three gift ideas should carry you through the holidays without any trouble. Remember, just because money is tight doesn’t mean Christmas can’t be something very special. With a free Christmas present, you might even find that it’s more meaningful than before!