Christmas Gifts Articles

Creating a Meaningful Free Christmas Present

When you’re short on cash, a free Christmas present can still make the holidays special!

When you give a free Christmas present, it doesn’t mean you don’t care enough to spend — regardless of what commercials might tell you. On the contrary, it means you care enough to give a gift with meaning. Expensive Christmas gifts are impersonal; when you give a free Christmas present, it usually comes with a lot more thought and meaning than department store counterparts.

Of course, when you’re looking for free gifts, it’s often a combination of wanting to give something with meaning and being in a tough financial situation. That’s all fine, too: you can still give very special gifts without spending a lot of money.

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The Sing A Ma Jig is the New Hot Toy of the Season

Remember Tickle Me Elmo? The Sing A Ma Jig leaves him in the dust!

If you have kids, chances are you know about Sing A Ma Jig. Like so many toys before them, they are awesome on their own and incredible in groups, and kids have flocked to them like crazy. If you’re at all interested in a Sing A Ma Jig toy (also known as Singamajig or Sing-A-Ma-Jig), you should buy it now.

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IAASA Stuffed Animals: Fun For Any Age

Check out IAASA, the coolest gift around

Big kids and little kids alike love IAASA, the custom stuffed animal that looks exactly like you — or anyone you want it to. If you haven’t heard of this phenomenon, IAASA stands for I am a stuffed animal. The company makes lifelike stuffed animals — or people — from photos or drawings you submit.

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Target Shooting Games For Christmas

This year, target shooting games make fantastic Christmas presents

If you’re familiar with target shooting games, you know boys love them. A surprising number of girls are into them too, but let’s face it: boys and guns have always been a set. These days, many parents are understandably reluctant to expose their children to even toy weapons. However, when you compare them to violent video games, electronic target shooting is a very harmless alternative.

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Christmas Gifts for Great Neighbors

Show Your Neighbors How Much You Appreciate Them With Great Christmas Gifts

Do you have special next-door neighbors you need to buy Christmas gifts for? If you do, you’re lucky. In today’s world most people don’t know their neighbors. So if you’ve got some great neighbors living next to you, show them how much you appreciate them with these Christmas gift ideas.

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Co-Workers

Check Out These Great Ideas for Christmas Gifts for Co-Workers

Do you swap Christmas gifts with coworkers? Some offices do, some don’t. Unless you have a coworker that’s a close friend, it’s always a tricky situation and you have to take several things into consideration. You must walk a fine line of get a gift that’s appropriate, not too expensive and not too personal. If you’re finding yourself in this predicament or you just need Christmas gift ideas for the Christmas office party, try some of these.

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Great Christmas Gifts for Grandpa

Brighten Grandpa’s Christmas with these Christmas gifts

Grandpa deserves some great Christmas gifts. So why not give him something he’ll really love? Choose from these great Christmas gift ideas to give him yourself, or get all the grandkids to go in together, splurge, and really knock his socks off!

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Top Christmas Gifts for Guys Who Love Tools

He’ll think you read his mind when he sees these Christmas gifts

Some Christmas gifts are tough to buy. If you’ve got a handyman or a man that makes a living working with his hands, you know how important their tools are to them. At first, you think getting them something they can use around the house, with their hobby, or at work sounds like a great idea.

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Christmas Gifts — Get Great Gifts for Grandma!

Give your Grandma Christmas gifts she’ll really love

Coming up with Christmas gifts for Grandma can be both difficult and easy. On the one hand, Grandmas are easy to please. On the other, they seem to have just about everything and then some. If you’re stuck in this dilemma and don’t know what to get Grandma, choose from this list of Christmas gift ideas for 2010.

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Get the Party Started with these Funny Christmas Gifts

Be the life of the party with these funny Christmas gifts

Need to liven up a party or give a friend a good laugh? Try one of these funny Christmas gift ideas this holiday season.

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