Choosing a Hospital Gift

When someone’s sick, a hospital gift can make all the difference in the world!

When you’re sick, trust me: there’s nothing like a hospital gift to cheer you up. In spite of doctors and nurses’ best efforts, hospitals are dull, dreary places that seem to drive home the fact that you’re sick. A simple gift transforms an impersonal sick room into someplace you can recover in peace, surrounded by the knowledge that you’re loved.

The thought counts

With hospital gifts more than any other, it really is the thought that counts. Whether you bring a stuffed animal from the hospital gift shop or something expensive and priceless, what matters is that you’re thinking of the patient — and believe me, they’ll recognize your thoughtfulness.

That said, though, why not make your hospital gift the best it can possibly be?

It’s all about boredom!

If you’ve never experienced an extended hospital stay, consider yourself lucky. Talk to anyone who has, and you’ll hear the same word over and over again: BORED. There’s nothing worse than lying around in a hospital room dwelling on injuries or illness with absolutely nothing to distract you but a tiny television mounted on the ceiling.

Fortunately, these hospital gift ideas are all about staving off the boredom.

1. Portable DVD player. Many hospital rooms these days have DVD players, but they’re often shared. Get someone their own mini DVD player and include a few DVDs (bring some of their favorites from home, too) and a set of headphones. They’ll be able to while away hours in relative peace.

2. Reading material. Books make fantastic gifts for hospital patients who like to read. Even if the patient has never looked at a book in their life, though, you can get them magazines, comic collections, or even tabloids — anything that will distract them from their predicament and keep them entertained.

3. Activities. Does the patient have a hobby — painting, drawing, knitting? Buy them supplies. If they’ve never tried anything of the kind, why not give them the opportunity? Choose something you think they might enjoy and buy them the necessary supplies along with an instructional book. Who knows — they might discover a new talent!

4. Decent food. Let’s face it: hospital food sucks. Any treats are sure to meet with a welcome audience, especially if it’s an actual meal and not just a box of chocolates. Just make sure you check with the nurses first on this one.

Remember, hospitals are about illness and recovery, so gifts should be about distraction and fun. No matter what sort of hospital gift you choose, the thought will ring through loud and clear.