Children’s Gifts Articles

Active Video Games for Kids

Find and give great active video games for kids!

If you need great gifts for kids, try active video games. No matter how old they are, from preschoolers to teenagers, there are great interactive video games that they’re bound to enjoy. Whether they have a Wii, an Xbox, or a PS3, as long as they have the proper equipment (something you do need to find out before you go shopping!), they’re bound to enjoy these activities.

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Lego Games Rock

This year, everyone’s playing with Lego games

Lego games are on the top of everyone’s gift list. If you’re familiar with video games, you probably already know that Legos have been a craze for a lot of years. And even if you don’t play video games, you probably know about the blocks, if nothing else — you may even have fond memories of constructing endless towers yourself.

But these days, Lego has expanded far beyond building blocks. There are lots of new Lego board games that bring a new dimension to traditional board game experiences and kids and adults alike find them fun and challenging.

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Have a Pillow Pets Christmas

Check out Pillow Pets — one of the hottest toys this Christmas season!

Pillow Pets are really the simplest concept. It’s funny, though, how the simplest things catch on. Pillow Pets are cute, cuddly, and wonderful toys, but the concept is deceptively dull. They don’t light up, talk, glow, or walk. Nonetheless, kids everywhere have gone nuts over these cuddly creatures.

Pillow Pets, which actually go by the brand name My Pillow Pets, have achieved overnight popularity, so if you’re stuck for a Christmas gift this holiday season, there aren’t many kids who wouldn’t welcome their very own pillow pet.

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Co-Workers

Check Out These Great Ideas for Christmas Gifts for Co-Workers

Do you swap Christmas gifts with coworkers? Some offices do, some don’t. Unless you have a coworker that’s a close friend, it’s always a tricky situation and you have to take several things into consideration. You must walk a fine line of get a gift that’s appropriate, not too expensive and not too personal. If you’re finding yourself in this predicament or you just need Christmas gift ideas for the Christmas office party, try some of these.

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Must-Have Zhu Zhu Hamsters are Going Fast!

Get your Zhu Zhu while you can

Oh my, it’s Zhu Zhu! Don’t you just hate it when there’s a craze for one specific Christmas toy and your precious child wants it? Not wanting to disappoint, you tromp from store to store, searching, scouring the shelves, desperate for the elusive toy that your child absolutely must have.

Guess what? If you have a young daughter, you better brace yourself.

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Creative Bar Mitzvah Gifts

Wondering what to give for bar mitzvah gifts? Check these ideas!

When choosing bar mitzvah gifts, there’s an obvious theme to keep in mind, but it can be hard to find Jewish gifts around your average small American town. That’s where the internet comes in. You can find some beautiful and amazing Jewish gifts for any occasion and for bar mitzvahs in particular. Here are just a few fantastic ideas!

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Beautiful Baby Baptism Gifts

Find the perfect baptism gift for babies.

No matter the season, it seems we always need baptism gifts. While not all religious traditions baptize babies (or anyone at all), many do, and if you’re not religious yourself — or even if you are — it can be difficult to keep coming up with new ideas. Fortunately, there are some simple ideas that always meet with success.

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Your Guide to Finding Video Games for Kids

Clueless about video games? These tips will help you buy perfect video games for kids.

There’s a lot of discussion about video games for kids: whether they’re good, whether they’re bad, or whether it makes any difference at all. And then there are those of us just not up on the whole video game debate. Let me sum it up for you in a few words: there’s no agreement, but the general idea seems to be that some video games are great and some… well, some aren’t.

The video games bad for kids tend to feature explicit violence, language, and the like. The video games good for kids are at worst harmless, at best educational. All it comes down to is making a choice.

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Fantastic Kids Art Gifts

Looking for creative kids art gifts? Try these fun ideas!

It’s not hard to find kids art gifts, but unfortunately, they’re often dull, predictable, or leave no room for the creative spirit. Painting by numbers or following explicit directions is okay, but true kids crafts should let the kids explore and develop their own artistic sensibilities.

Fortunately, it’s incredibly simple to create your own kits for art projects that are both enjoyable and exploratory. Try out these fun ideas!

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The Top Five Ben 10 Toys

Looking for Ben 10 toys to give as gifts? Here’s our top five most wanted

If you’re looking for Ben 10 toys, you probably know who he is — that, or you just heard the name from an excited kid going on about the ideal birthday present. Just in case you’re not sure, Ben 10 is the newest kids’ television craze. It’s yet another cartoon crossover from Japan, and all the kids — and especially the boys — are crazy for it.

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