Buying Autism Gifts Made Simple

Your guide to buying autism gifts for any age

Every year I cringe when it’s time to buy autism gifts because, as autistic people get older, it gets harder and harder to find something they’re going to enjoy. If you’ve bought autistic gifts before, you probably know how frustrating it can be. Thank heavens for the internet! With online help, it’s not hard at all to buy gifts for autistic children and adults that they’ll actually enjoy.

Gifts for autistic children

It’s a lot easier to find gifts for autistic children than for autistic adults, simply because autistic children enjoy many of the same toys as their peers. Often autistic children have a certain obsession or fixation that they enjoy, and their parents can help you out with finding out what that is. Do NOT just guess at something: while other children may enjoy exploring new things, autistic children like their safe zone.

Here are some tips to get you started — gifts most autistic children will enjoy:

1. Finger tip stampers with modeling clay: This inexpensive gift is fun, creative, and provides the tactile manipulation many autistic children enjoy.

2. Mosaic Mysteries This fun puzzle appeals to a sense of mathematics and patterning, which many autistic children demonstrate. It makes a great autism gift for developing motor skills, too.

3. Positions Game

Unlike their peers, autistic children often have difficulty with what we might consider basic concepts. This game helps teach the idea of “beside,” “behind,” “above,” etc., making it a fantastic autism gift for a child.

Gifts for autistic adults

Autistic adults are more difficult to shop for because they may have outgrown toys without really developing any new hobbies. Obviously, if the recipient is a high functioning person, you should ask them directly what they would enjoy. If, however, you’re shopping for someone who is unable to tell you what they want, you’ll have to use some guess work — or, follow these simple ideas.

1. A huge roll of bubble wrap.

Admit it: you like popping those little bubbles, too. Many autistic people find the repetitive act incredibly soothing and enjoy the tactile sensation. You may feel silly gift wrapping it, but they’ll definitely enjoy receiving it.

2. Howda Seats

These chairs are designed to provide security and comfort, along with the rocking sensation many autistic individuals enjoy. They make excellent autistic gifts for any age group.

3. Weighted blankets

Weighted blankets make excellent autistic gifts since they provide a sense of calm and security. They are useful for insomnia and anxiety as well, and since these things often affect autistic people, they make great gifts in general.

As with any other gift, a gift for an autistic person depends on the recipient’s individual desires, ideas, and personality. However, if you’re stuck for ideas, these autism gifts are a fantastic place to start.