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Your Guide to Finding Video Games for Kids

Clueless about video games? These tips will help you buy perfect video games for kids.

There’s a lot of discussion about video games for kids: whether they’re good, whether they’re bad, or whether it makes any difference at all. And then there are those of us just not up on the whole video game debate. Let me sum it up for you in a few words: there’s no agreement, but the general idea seems to be that some video games are great and some… well, some aren’t.

The video games bad for kids tend to feature explicit violence, language, and the like. The video games good for kids are at worst harmless, at best educational. All it comes down to is making a choice.

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The R2D2 Fish Tank Is a Must-Have Gift

Birthday boys will love the Star Wars R2D2 fish tank

As soon as you see the R2D2 fish tank, you know you’ll have to buy it for one of the boys in your life. I’ve got two that will love it–my husband and my son. While I can’t justify buying it for my husband, who is after all, a grown man, the R2D2 fish tank will be a perfect gift for my son’s upcoming birthday.

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Birthday Gifts Everyone Can Enjoy

Books Make Great Birthday Gifts

When it comes to choosing children’s birthday gifts there is one bit of wisdom you should keep in mind — you can never have too many books. Toys are a popular children’s gift, but books are all too often neglected. Get kids back on the reading train and give the gift of books the next time you attend a birthday.

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A Grandparent’s Birthday and You’re Out of State?

Helpful Suggestions for Celebrating an Out-of-State’s Grandparent’s Birthday

It can be difficult to stay in touch with grandparents if you and your family live out of state, and celebrating a grandparent’s birthday can be a particular challenge if you can’t be there for the special day. Below you’ll find some more suggestions for celebrating a grandparent’s birthdays when you live out of state.

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Do You Know How to Handle December Birthdays?

Gift-Giving Advice for December Birthdays

This December you need to give special attention to the gifts that you buy for anyone who has December birthdays. December birthdays present a unique challenge for giftgivers, and there are some important things to keep in mind when you have to buy a birthday gift and Christmas gift for someone in December. After all, just because someone has a December birthday doesn’t mean they should get less than they would if their birthday was in July!

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Birthstones Make Great Gift Ideas

Give Birthstones the Next Time You Have to Give a Birthday Gift

If someone you know has a birthday coming up, you may want to consider a birthstone birthday gift. Birthstones make great birthday gifts and come in a number of shapes, styles and sizes. From beautiful knick knacks to dainty jewelry, there’s a birthstone gift out there for everyone.

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Great Birthday Gift Ideas

Great Birthday Gift Ideas When You Don’t Know the Recipient Well

So you’ve been invited to attend a birthday party but you don’t really know the person who it’s being held for. Are you expected to bring a birthday gift? Absolutely! Don’t know what to bring? Fear not. Here are some great birthday gift ideas that anyone is sure to love.

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