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Top 5 Best Christmas Gifts for Babies

Relax your baby and put him to sleep or make him giggle, either way these are the best Christmas gifts for babies

Sometimes, it’s hard to pick out Christmas gifts for babies. After all, it’s not as if they can tell you what they want. Your best bet is to go with what works for most babies. That’s what you’ll find here.

Below are the top 5 selling Christmas gift ideas for babies for 2010. One of these is sure to become your baby’s favorite.

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Birth Announcements: Gifts for Any Occasion

Birth announcements and gifts go together like babies and diapers!

We’ve all received photo birth announcements, and they’re nice and everything. You tack them on the fridge for a few months and then you guiltily tuck them into a box somewhere and never look at them again. You can make your birth announcement stand out, though, if you include a little gift!

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Finding the Perfect Twins Gifts

When it comes to twins, these twin gifts double your fun!

There’s something special about twins, so twin gifts have to be pretty special, too. And let’s face it: there’s something expensive about twins, so twin gifts sometimes cross that borderline into pricier territory. If you’ve ever had a baby, imagine doubling the trouble and doubling the cost.

That’s why it’s important to make sure that gifts for twins are practical, fun, and make Mom and Dad’s lives easier. No, you don’t have to spend a fortune — but it’s time to get used to buying in twin sets!

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Unique and Beloved Baby’s First Christmas Gifts

Deviate from the norm and find unique, creative baby’s first Christmas gifts

Trying to decide on baby’s first Christmas gifts? After all, you probably want to give something more than baby’s five hundredth stuffed animal. Fortunately for you, hundreds of unique, creative, and fun gifts for baby’s first Christmas exist out there — if you have the patience to find them.

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Find Inexpensive Gift Ideas That Make Them Feel Like a Million Bucks

Low on cash? That’s okay — these inexpensive gift ideas will carry you through any season

When money’s tight and everyone’s having a birthday, getting married, or moving away, inexpensive gift ideas start to become worth their weight in gold. The good news is that most people really don’t care how much you spend on them. It really is the thought that counts, and if you put a bit of time and effort into your gift, they’ll remember that far more than they would something showy, pricey, and useless.

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Perfect New Baby Gifts for the Mom-To-Be

Summer is the season of babies — and that means new baby gifts

Sometimes it seems like all the new baby gifts have already been done. I mean, do you really want to give Mom another onesie, “oh it’s so cute” cap and bootie set, or the like? Why not try giving her something unique and special she’ll remember for years to come?

If that appeals to you, try out these great new baby gifts: unique, useful, or fun, they’re never boring.

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Think Organically with Green Baby Gifts

Show you care with these five Earth-friendly green baby gift ideas

I attended a baby shower last weekend, and was amazed and delighted at the number of green baby gifts the parents-to-be received. Within one generation, it seems like a whole industry has sprung up around organic diapers, detergents, clothing, toys, food–you name it. If a baby wears it, eats it, sleeps on it, or plays with it, you can bet there’s an eco-friendly version of it. This industry’s focus is to protect our babies, while also protecting our environment.

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The Right Way to Shop for Baby Shower Gifts

There’s a Right and a Wrong Way to Give Baby Shower Gifts

Oh the joy of giving baby shower gifts! You open the envelope, and pull out the card that is decorated with pastel baby rattles and crib shoes. Tentatively, you open the card, and your suspicions have been confirmed: you have been invited to another baby shower!

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Neat Baby Christmas Gifts for Baby’s First Christmas

Looking For Baby Christmas Gifts?

Shopping for babies during the Christmas season can be a difficult task – especially if you’ve never had children. It’s not that you lack creativity, it’s just that great baby Christmas gifts aren’t always obvious. As always we’re here to help. Below are a few helpful suggestions for buying Christmas gifts for babies who were born after December 25, 2006.

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The Fabulous World of Luxury Baby Gifts

Designer Baby Clothes Make Great Baby Gifts

It used to be that labels like Juicy Couture, Versace and even Christian Dior were reserved for those of us who had already been potty trained and had gone through the teething process. Nowadays, however, that’s not the case. Not only do these labels (and others) make kids couture, they’re also giving us a great resource for some fabulous baby gifts.

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