Anniversary Gifts Articles

Ballpark Pens

Sports fans will love these unique ballpark pens!

If you’d like to give someone a piece of genuine sports history, it’s hard to beat a ballpark pen. These are clever pieces of sports memorabilia literally carved from the wooden seats salvaged from sports stadiums during remodeling or demolition.

Each pen is one of a kind, measuring 5.5 inches long by a half-inch in diameter, and comes in a cool presentation case with a certificate of authenticity. The makers have engraved the origin info right in the wood.

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Romantic Gifts For Just About Anyone

Find romantic gifts for men or women quickly and easily online

So you’re looking for romantic gifts. Maybe you missed the mark with a Christmas or birthday present, you’re trying to stave off the dreaded engagement talk, or you just want to show your love for your significant other. Whatever the case, you’re in the market for a romantic gift, and you have no idea what to buy.

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Creative and Beautiful Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Stuck for wedding anniversary gifts? Check out these gorgeous ideas.

When it comes to wedding anniversary gifts, it can be difficult to know what to get. Some couples are very traditional and will appreciate something romantic and sentimental. Others are more outgoing and wouldn’t know what to do with knick knacks and framed photos. Whatever the case, you’re sure to find something on this list that will suit the happy couple.

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All Aboard for a Romantic Dinner Train Trip

Take a train trip where the destination doesn’t matter

When was your last train trip? Commuting to work doesn’t count–I’m talking about the last time you took the train for a scenic trip, a vacation jaunt, or as a way to get to a vacation destination. If your last train trip was too far back to remember, it’s time to reconnect with the soothing clickity clack of the rails.

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Sexy, Chocolaty Christmas Gifts for Couples

Properly applied, chocolate may just be one of the best Christmas gifts for couples ever

If you’re thinking that chocolate is just too doggone tame to be sitting here in the “Christmas gifts for couples” category — well, get your mind in the gutter, why don’t you? Just because chocolate is normally eaten doesn’t mean that’s the only use an inventive couple can find for the stuff. (Wink wink, nudge nudge.)

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A Wide Selection of Anniversary Gifts to Choose From

Great Ideas for Anniversary Gifts

For some reason, anniversary gifts are some of the hardest to shop for. That doesn’t, however, mean that it should be a dreaded chore. With so many anniversary gifts to choose from and tradition offering us guidelines to adhere to, finding the right anniversary gift is just a matter of understanding what’s out there.

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Tiffany & Co. — The Little Blue Box

Why jewelry from Tiffany & Co. makes the perfect gift.

It’s no secret, when you give a woman a gift from Tiffany & Co. she’s going to adore it. It doesn’t matter what comes wrapped in that little blue box, if it’s genuine Tiffany & Co. merchandise, it’s something special. But why is Tiffany & Co. such a treasured name?

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